Monday, November 22, 2010

Girl - A Series of Paintings

Black Ink...on hand made paper

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The Hunt-A Comic Book

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This is a Comic book i did in college.Its a collage with newspaper cuttings and illustrations. Its based on a non-sense poem i wrote some years back...Enjoy

Stills from my Films

Some stills from my films that u can watch on my website. I have mostly tried to experiment with forms and textures. Let me know your views

Poster for the week!

These are the bands playing this week! Feel free to just drop in...HOK Adda, HOK Music!

Posters for Music Bands at HOK

I have been desingning posters, for Music Bands performing at a pub called, House of Kommons. Check them Out and feel free to Comment! And no need to ask, Surely, you are invited!

These are a few pages from the graphic novel i am working on....