Saturday, September 13, 2014

A for

A for, All I am,
B for, Born a gram,
C for Caught in a game,
well, that’s not so lame.

D for, Down with the rules,
E for, Eager for schools,
F for, not so Fantastic,
rhythmic, seasick, picnic.

G  for, Go with the flow,
H for, Hurry, for all you know,
I for, It does matter, fast or slow.

J for, Jammed in the head,
K for, Kluless where to head,
No direction where Im going,
That’s Exactly not for knowing.

L for, Lasting till my 10,
M for, Miracle when,
N for, Nudging , my within
Theres no more races I want to win.

O for, Oh! What a relief,
P  for, Passing all the brief.
Q for, Quantifolisuation,
R for, Rotten system of Education.

S  for, Slowly it dawned on me,
Art is what is calling me!
T for, To be wrong is really tough.
U for, U can never be right enough!
V for, I like that Very bit,
Have to keep trying your wit.

 W for, What the Hell!,
Did I do all this while,
X for, I don’t know whats beyond a mile!
Neither do I know, what stands for X,
Or whatever that comes Next!

Y for, or rather, What for,
Did I name A to Z?
Its time for me to go to bed.
All the stories have been said,
Breathing and alive in my head,
All that really matters is when,

How we choose to say it again!


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