Monday, May 19, 2014


I remember, when I was a kid, What fun we had, what not we did!
Jumping out of the school van, straight to the open fields we ran.
Books and bags, lay at the door, shoes and socks, on the floor.
Ah! Not that, we were NOT shouted at, "You naughty, mischievous brat!,
Pick up the things from the floor, before you step outside the door."
And yes, we did what we were told, After all, who likes the dinner cold?

And so we ran to the park, It closes at six, just before dark.
Eye-spy, pitto and gali cricket, my brother would get the most wicket!
Cuts and bruise, wounds and lumps, I still have a few fond bumps!
The grass and the mud, the stones and the sand, We knew each of them, by the touch of a hand.
But, best of all was when it rained, we somehow, had to, had to, get drained!
And what bizarre excuses we came up with, I think that is when I discovered my creative bit!

"On my way, from the park, I fell in a hole, in the dark!"
And my brother would add, "You know how big was the hole?"
Looked like a monster's soup bowl! With toads and frogs floating around,
Thank the Lord, that we, didn't get drowned!"
And sometimes an excuse more giant, I added,
"We had to rescue a drowning elephant!"

And here and there as we lied about, we saw our mothers eyes pop-out!
And to punish us, she gave a dose, of the horrifying story of Pinocchio's nose!
Oh! I'm sorry to deviate, the rest of the story, is tee-vee-ate.
Where was I, where we have been? Ah yes! It all started from the screen.
Till now, what we have heard, so far our children our concerned,
Is that never never ever let them, near your TV set.
It clogs their brain, and eats their head, and kills creativity dead!
I know you will tell me, "We send them straight to bed, with their computers instead!"

Ah Yes! Its true there is lots to learn, as you browse your way.
But are you absolutely sure, that, that is all on the buffet?
All Right. All Right, You will say, "They are on Twitter, twittering away,
Or on Facebook at the most,  with online friends having a toast!"
"The kids, they are, grown-ups you see,
And we give them enough space to be!"

But, why not invite them over instead, and offer some nice wine and bread?
It'll be so nice to shake hands and see, they are alive and warm, the online bee!
What about the friends we see, when we are not on the working spree!
There is no time to say 'Hello!' or Call, But on facebook, we're active to one and all.
I'm not against facebook, no, not me. I have an account you see!
But yes, if I may suggest, once in a while have a guest!

- Debjani

Illustrations Coming Soon!!! :)

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