Monday, May 19, 2014

Infectious FLU!!!

Here I blew, and there I blew
With one big sneeze, "AaaaaaChhhoooooo!"
Out of the window, I flew!
I landed bare. Don't ask me 'where'?
With only, ONLY my handkerchief.
"And No! I was not upto some mischief".

I looked up to see,
Almost on my knee.
There stood a bear,
Who just wouldn't care.
And, as he lifted his feet,
I could hardly speak...

Just then, came a sneeze, "AaaaaaaChhhhoooooo!"
As I blew, up, and up I flew.
And when I looked down,
I saw the bear frown!
Ah! What a narrow escape,
From the mutilating Ape!

The very moment I heard a sound,
I think from the ground.
No! that was a SNEEZE,
That caused a storm, in the trees!
The bear shot up, way higher than me,
And out he shouted "Whoopee!"
As I looked up to see,
There was no more of him to be!

I went on Sneezing,
Easing, Squeezing, Wheezing!
Till I hit a flying Crane,
To gift a fracture, to his brain.
And we both, toppled down,
The poor Crane, holding is crown!

I, I...I could feel a sneeze coming....
Oh No! not now, what a timing!
I blocked my nose with a hanky,
Almost thread-bare and lanky.
But, who can stop a sneeze with-in?
It came, and flew me, there-in.

But, the worst thing , I ever expected,
As I looked my heart dreaded.
Was to see a sneezing Crane,
With a fracture in his brain!
Soon, I landed on a Giant,
A fifteen feet tall, Elephant.
And the last thing, I wanted to do,
Was to spread my Infectious Flu!

- Debjani

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  1. hahahahahaha good one.... somehow it reminds me of Amrita... since we call her "Hacchi"